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Luxe Lips Hydrating Serum

Luxe Lips Hydrating Serum

Luxe Lips
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...has been developed from over 30 years experience to aid optimal Lip health and appearance. It contains natural clinically proven ingredients vitamin B and E to ensure your lips feel and look great.

Vitamin B is present in many enzymatic systems and in the composition and metabolism of cellular ammino acids and DNA. It has regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties and helps combat inter dermal moisture loss by increasing lip hydration. It accelerates healing and reduces skin irritations and erythmea.

Vitamin E has been added to shield your lips against environmental damage and premature aging by combating the harmful effects of free radicals. This premium hydrating Lip Complex is light and silky, yet absorbed quickly permitting comfortable daily use to aid hydration and prevent dryness of the lips.

Perfect to use before and after lip enhancement treatments to ensure good condition of the tissue, to help heal and soothe and to protect them ensuring longevity of results.

Luxe Lip Complex contains conditioning agents to nourish and help increase cell proliferation. The perfect addition to anyone's daily routine that gives a natural gloss to the lips.