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Here at Luxe Lips we obviously love to wear our Lipsticks all day everyday, but we know that no matter how good our lipstick is we need to ensure that we care for our lips properly to create and keep that perfect pout!!

We pride ourselves on being Lip Experts and have pulled together our top 8 Luxe Lip Tips to help you keep those Lips looking perfect 24/7

1. Do Not Lick Your Lips

Although it will feel good temporarily, as soon as the saliva evaporates it will leave your lips feeling even drier, instead carry a Lip Hydrator and apply it regularly throughout the day

2. Keep Your Lips Germ Free

Do not touch your lips with dirty hands, the skin on our lips is much thinner than on the rest of our bodies, this means that they have less protection form bacteria. For the same reason- Do not kiss anyone with an infection on their lips

3. Stay Hydrated- Drink Lots Of Water

Your lips need to be kept hydrated from the inside out! Ensure that you drink at least 2 litres of water per day

4. Remove Makeup

Your lips need to be makeup free so that they can breathe and repair whilst you sleep- make sure that you remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed

5. Keep You Lips Hydrated Overnight

Our lips often become more dry as we sleep due to us sleeping with our mouths open (eugh...I know!!) So use a good emollient or hydrating product before sleeping to ensure that you wake up with moisturised lips

6. Massage Your Lips

Massaging your lips for approximately 5 mins per day will improve the blood circulation ensuring that they will get all of the nutrition they need

7. Scrub Your Lips

Scrubbing your lips will remove the build up of dead skin cells meaning that they will stay healthy and soft

8. Wear Lipstick...

Maybe This Should Have Been Tip No.1...Lipsticks are actually good for our lips. Our lips have no natural protection so wearing a lipstick gives them a protective layer; keeping the suns UV rays, dirt, dry air and other outside factors at bay


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